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Three Reasons to Consider Alabama Construction Mediation

Parties to a contract who would rather proceed with a business relationship than end up in a courtroom may consider Alabama construction mediation. This process involves a third-party neutral, called the mediator, who helps the parties work toward reaching a compromise. There are several key benefits that make Alabama construction mediation worth considering. Reduction of Expenses Any legal professional can tell you that litigation is expensive. Even if a party wins a case, it may spend a large sum in paying for lawyers, experts and other litigation expenses. By canceling the contract, the party may wind up spending more than... Read More

What Is Business Coaching in Birmingham AL?

Business coaching in Birmingham Alabama is the process of providing supportive services and counseling to a business owner. The goal is to help the business become more efficient and profitable by offering the advice of a seasoned professional in business coaching in Birmingham Alabama. Business coaching begins by having the business owner or other key personnel describing the nature of the business, its foundation and its goals. The consultant learns about the needs of the business and what the business hopes to gain from their relationship together. The consultant establishes a list of areas that need improvement in order to... Read More

Issues that May Require a Construction Claims Expert

Construction projects can be some of the most complex types of work, often requiring extensive knowledge and experience on a variety of subject. When something goes wrong in the project, a construction claims expert may be able to help identify the issues and work on possible solutions. A construction claims expert may be consulted regarding a number of issues, including: Claims based on incomplete contracts that do not properly lay out details regarding ongoing construction Claims based on unnecessary overages Claims based on proposed modifications to the contract Claims based on delays and interference with contractual relationships Claims based on... Read More
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