Three Reasons to Consider Alabama Construction Mediation

Parties to a contract who would rather proceed with a business relationship than end up in a courtroom may consider Alabama construction mediation. This process involves a third-party neutral, called the mediator, who helps the parties work toward reaching a compromise. There are several key benefits that make Alabama construction mediation worth considering.

Reduction of Expenses

Any legal professional can tell you that litigation is expensive. Even if a party wins a case, it may spend a large sum in paying for lawyers, experts and other litigation expenses. By canceling the contract, the party may wind up spending more than the original bid. Finally, there are additional expenses related to actually collecting on the judgment if the other party does not simply file bankruptcy.

Mediation is much less expensive than litigation. Additionally, mediation may be conducted at any step in the process, even the beginning. This allows the parties to reduce the amount of money that they must spend on resolving a dispute.

Time Savings

In the commercial world, time is money. Whereas a court case can take years to resolve, a mediation session may be wrapped up in a day and be introduced at the beginning of the process. Mediation also helps the parties remain on positive footing with each other so that more time does not have to be expended to find a new business to take on the work.

Customized Solutions

The parties get to agree on a solution that works for them rather than having their case decided by someone not involved in it.