When to Hire a Structural Steel Expert

A structural steel expert can help provide invaluable insight regarding the erection and design of buildings that use steel reinforcement. While the services of a structural steel expert can be retained at nearly any time, there are certain times that may trigger the immediate need of these services.

Beginning of a Project

The best time to hire a steel expert is at the beginning of the project. Before a project is even designed, a steel expert can help provide critical information regarding the erection and potential design. Once the steel company commences its work, the steel expert can provide timely feedback regarding any issue with the erection or fabrication of steel so that immediate changes can be made before too much time and money has been invested in the initial phase of the project.

Observance of Steel Issues

Another pivotal point when a steel expert may be needed is when the hiring agent notices any problems related to steel. An expert can be brought in to consult on the problem and describe if there are indeed any issues related to the work. An expert can conduct structural evaluations and look for any construction errors or omissions that can have the effect of creating an unsafe structure. Weather conditions may also have an impact on the structural integrity of steel if it is exposed.

Structural Failure

If structural failure is detected and litigation is likely to ensue, a steel expert can be retained in order to provide an expert opinion regarding the reasoning for the failure. Additionally, he or she can complete tests to help assess the quality of the steel. When retaining the services of a steel expert for potential litigation issues, it is important to consider the expert’s experience in the courtroom setting as this is a much different procedure than providing informal consulting work.