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What Types of Cases are Steel Fabrication Experts Used in?

Steel fabrication is the process of creating structures by bending, cutting, shaping, and otherwise assembling pieces of steel. If you have ever noticed the steel frame of a building as it is being constructed, you have witnessed the product of steel fabrication. Steel fabrication experts are experienced and knowledgeable in the steel fabrication process, as well as what may happen if there are errors that occur during this process. Steel fabrication experts are valuable in a variety of cases, such as premises liability cases, workers’ compensation claims, and, of course, construction litigation. How would steel fabrication experts be used in... Read More

Selecting a Steel Fabrication Expert for Your Case

Steel fabrication refers to the manipulation of steel to create a structure. For example, to create a steel frame for a building, workers will have to cut, bend and bond steel beams together. Unfortunately, in many construction projects, steel fabrication is completed incorrectly. Such mistakes may weaken the structural integrity of a building, delay its completion, or cause other major problems within the structure itself. Steel fabrication experts are consulted to determine what went wrong in this process. Steel fabrication experts are knowledgeable in the steel industry, and will explain whether the methods used in the process were dangerous, outdated... Read More

Issues for Steel Fabrication and Erection Expert

Construction is a complex business, bringing together dozens of varied trades, crafts, and experts into a noisy, deadline-driven project that has nearly infinite details. The overall success of any construction project will come down to the general contractor ultimately running the show as well as the quality of the contract plans and the materials suppliers and subcontractors selected by the contractor. Since structural steel is one of the products used to frame out a new building, the quality of the fabrication and the quality of the overall construction is of the utmost importance. A steel fabrication & erection expert is... Read More
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