Selecting a Steel Fabrication Expert for Your Case

Steel fabrication refers to the manipulation of steel to create a structure. For example, to create a steel frame for a building, workers will have to cut, bend and bond steel beams together. Unfortunately, in many construction projects, steel fabrication is completed incorrectly. Such mistakes may weaken the structural integrity of a building, delay its completion, or cause other major problems within the structure itself. Steel fabrication experts are consulted to determine what went wrong in this process. Steel fabrication experts are knowledgeable in the steel industry, and will explain whether the methods used in the process were dangerous, outdated or otherwise improper.

Selecting the right steel fabrication expert for your case will make a tremendous financial difference in your claim. Many individuals assert that they are experts, but this is not always the case.

Search for steel fabrication experts with experience in providing testimony in a trial. Individuals who testify as experts must be qualified as such by the trial judge. Steel fabrication experts that have testified in the past have demonstrated to the courts that they are knowledgeable in this industry and will be able to offer valuable insight into the facts of the case. Qualified experts will be glad to provide a list of cases in which they have testified.

Additionally, look for experts who are knowledgeable both in the science behind steel fabrication and its practical application. An individual will not help a claim much if he or she has only studied the properties of steel. Those who have hands-on experience, in addition to scientific knowledge, will be a much greater assets to a case.

Finally, make sure that your expert can explain these issues in an organized and straightforward manner to a judge or jury. Otherwise, the expert’s statements will be useless.