How Construction Claims Experts Assist with Scope Complexity Issues

When a property owner hires a contractor to complete a construction job, that individual typically has a specific budget in mind. The contractor will create detailed plans to keep costs within that budget, depending on the scope complexity of the desired structure. However, sometimes the scope complexity of a construction project is mistakenly estimated, and the prospective property owner ends up with unanticipated expenses. Construction claims experts may be hired to determine whether the scope and complexity of the plans were compatible with the owner’s requests. Construction claims experts often study blueprints, contracts, subcontractor bids, and other relevant documents to offer an opinion on these incidents.

The scope complexity of a job involves the extent and the intricacy a construction project encompasses. A contractor must also be careful when planning the scope complexity of a project because subcontractors will calculate their bids based upon the information the contractor provides to them. If the scope complexity is incorrectly estimated, subcontractors may also have to adjust their fees for the work, leaving the property owner unhappy with the contractor.

Construction claims experts will examine the facts of the dispute and will determine the extent of the contractor’s liability. If the contractor was mistaken in planning the scope complexity of the job, the contractor may be liable for some of the additional expense. However, if unforeseen factors arose during the project, the contractor may not handle the costs.

Construction claims experts will also examine the contracts that were executed between the owner and the contractor. The predicted expenses and terms covering these expenses should be listed, which will aid in a liability determination. For example, if the contractor was required to notify the owner of possible overages and failed to do so, the contractor may be liable for the additional costs.