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How Can a Business Coach Help Your Birmingham, Alabama Company?

If you are a business owner in the Birmingham, Alabama area, chances are, you have felt overwhelmed with all of the work it takes to make sure your business runs smoothly. Instead of worrying whether you are making the right decisions for your business, consider hiring a business coach. A business coach can offer guidance and support to your Birmingham, Alabama company. With a coach, your business will be profitable and well respected in your community. Many business owners do not seek help or advice until some conflict has presented itself. However, this is not good practice. On many unfortunate... Read More

Using Interim Short Term Management Services During a Business Crisis

On most days, your business operates smoothly. Your employees are dependable, your sales are high, and your company seems to be getting stronger and stronger. However, at some point, an event may happen that may potentially wreak havoc on your business, ultimately forcing it to close its doors. For example, your business partner may be killed in a car accident. Some of your best employees may suddenly leave the company. You must act quickly to protect your business and make sure that it survives these unfortunate incidents. Interim short term management services provide this type of emergency assistance to businesses... Read More

The Benefits of Hiring a Construction Arbitrator in Alabama

In Alabama, the parties involved in a dispute are encouraged to settle their case outside of the courtroom. These procedures are called alternative dispute resolution. For those involved in construction disputes, Alabama arbitrators are often hired to issue a binding decision in the case. A construction arbitrator has a role that is similar to that of an Alabama trial court judge, but the two processes have significant differences. Arbitration takes place outside of the courthouse. In many cases, it is scheduled in attorney conference rooms. As opposed to a public trial, arbitration is a private proceeding, and decisions may also... Read More
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