Vetting a Structural Steel Expert

A structural steel expert can assist with your construction projects at any point in the process. He or she can review contracts regarding the type of steel and process involved in fabrication and erection. If a problem arises, he or she can assess the issue and make suggestions to solve the problem. If the case is brought to alternative dispute resolution, the structural steel expert can explain the problems and the cause of the problems related to steel. He or she may provide testimony during a court hearing.

Due to the importance of the steel expert for your case, it is important that you find someone who will provide your business with the services that it needs. Your first priority is to find someone with the relevant background necessary to assist you. Structural steel experts may focus most of their time on a particular area of the industry. For example, some may focus on architectural defects. Others may focus on workplace injuries that occur and whether Occupational Health and Safety Administration standards were followed.

Check on the background of the structural steel experts whom you are considering. Ask about their education as well as their professional experience. Look for years of relevant experience as an owner or executive of a steel company. Some experts may also have experience as a business coach or interim manager that you may want to tap into.

Also, inquire about the types of work that they have completed during their career as a steel expert. Many experts have a long list of cases that they have assisted with. These are not always court cases. Sometimes a structural steel expert testifies in arbitration hearings, provides helpful information during mediation or assists with the negotiation process.