How a Construction Claims Consultant Helps Explain Your Case

A construction claims consultant provides much needed assistance when dealing with complex and technical issues. This type of consultant is knowledgeable about various practices and procedures in the construction industry and can advise you as to the merit and potential damages related to a civil claim. Your construction claims consultant provides a unique perspective who can serve as an invaluable member of your litigation team.

Construction claims may involve a number of highly technical and specialized issues central to the construction industry. These issues include the impact of delays, lost business opportunities, time impacts, liquidated damages and the interpretation of construction contract language. A construction claims consultant can take this complex information, analyze it and translate it into terms that are simple and easy to understand.

Your claims consultant can use this important communication skills to deliver his or her opinion in the forum required. This may be testifying at trial, in a deposition or arbitration. He or she may also provide this opinion personally through oral statements or a report in mediation, in front of dispute review boards or in negotiations.

Before any testimony is provided in these forums, your consultant provides you with his or her assessment so that you can determine how to make the best use of it. You may wish to use this information purely as a consultation to better inform you, or you may wish to have information fully extrapolated to present to the applicable forum. If there are any weaknesses in your legal argument, you can become aware of these nuances early in the process and possibly minimize your liability exposure. This information can help you negotiate earlier so that you do not waste money with expensive litigation. A consultant can also assist in the actual negotiation process if you prefer.