Three Key Questions to Ask Your Structural Steel Expert

A structural steel expert is invaluable in many situations, given the popularity of utilizing steel as a building material in numerous projects. A structural steel expert has background knowledge of general contracts, remodeling, construction delays, steel fabrication, estimating and other related matters. Due to the important role that he or she plays, it is important that you be able to ask these three key questions to your steel expert.

How Can You Help Me?

Not every steel expert provides the same services. When you are looking for a steel expert to help in your case, be certain that you ask about the services that the expert offers. Some experts spend their time only going to one courtroom after another. Others spend months with the same client, reviewing the contract, evaluating the issues and offering suggestions on improvements to make. Some will conduct an analysis and complete a comprehensive report. Be certain to ask what exactly you are paying for.

What Is Your Background?

One of the first things that your steel expert will be asked about is his or her background. The opposing party will want to call into question the expert’s credibility. A structural steel expert should have an established background in the steel industry and be able to explain what qualifies him or her as an expert. For example, this may be due to being a steel business owner for many years, working as a high level executive or working as a fabricator may help establish the expertise necessary to testify as such.

What Cases Have You Worked On?

Since the application of steel is so varied, it is important that the steel expert that you retain has experience working on projects similar to the one in controversy. In addition to adding credibility to his or her claims, this mirrored experience can help provide additional insight into the factual issues involved in the case.