Do You Need an Alabama Construction Arbitrator?

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution procedure that is known for being a faster, cheaper and overall better alternative to litigation. Arbitration can be mandated by a court, a contract, or can be consented to by the parties to a dispute. If you wish to participate in arbitration instead of going to court, you will need to find a competent Alabama construction arbitrator to assist you in your arbitration. Contact an experienced Alabama construction arbitrator to schedule a consultation today.

Arbitration involves an informal hearing where an impartial arbitrator listens to the arguments and evidence presented by the parties and makes a final decision on the matter. An arbitration award can be either binding on non-binding upon the parties depending upon their prior agreement. A binding arbitration decision is final and may not be reviewed or overturned by an Alabama court except in circumstances of fraud or misuse of power. A nonbinding arbitration decision may be accepted or rejected by one or both parties who are free to move towards a trial, but with a better idea at where to begin the settlement negotiations based on the non-binding arbitration decision.

In some circumstances, litigation is not always the most effective means of dispute resolution. More and more construction disputes are being submitted to arbitration, since arbitration offers construction contractors the advantage of providing an appointed neutral, third-party arbitrator with experience in the construction industry to handle the dispute, rather than someone with limited knowledge of the relevant issues in this area.