Structural Steel Expert Explains the Benefits of Steel

A structural steel expert who has spent his career around steel can explain why steel is often the building material of choice.  There are many benefits to using steel.  Some of the ones most often cited by a structural steel expert include:

Steel Has a Proven Track Record 

Steel has been used in the United States since the 19th century.  Now, steel represents about half of the market share for no-residential and multi-story residential properties.

Steel Is Fire and Wind Resistant 

If a fire happens to start in a steel building, it will spread much more slowly than if the building was primarily comprised of other building materials.  Some insurance companies even reward property owners that use steel as a primary building material over other choices because of this characteristic.

High grade steel is also resistant to wind because it can bend without breaking.  It is much more capable of absorbing more energy in the form of wind than other building materials.

Steel Is Sustainable 

Steel is heavily recycled.  Millions of tons are recycled each year.  This allows individuals in the steel industry to create important and efficient initiatives.  Fortunately, the structural integrity of steel is not compromised during the recycling process.

Steel Is Easier to Work With 

Steel is a popular choice in the construction industry because it has a high strength-to-weight ratio.  As more components are stronger, they add little additional weight.  This allows engineers to be able to safely design buildings with a flexible material.

Although there are many benefits to using steel, no construction material is foolproof.  Constructing a safe structure requires that contractors adhere to federal safety standards and design a building that takes geographical considerations into account.  Adding a structural steel expert to the team can also help identify potential issues and solutions early in the process.