What Has Your Construction Claims Expert Done for You Lately?

Sometimes it is difficult to justify retaining one person on your legal team. However, if your claim is a valuable one, a construction claims expert can be the person who provides specific and time-driven information to help you maximize the claim. However, if your construction claims expert is not effectively handling the following tasks, you may not be getting your money’s worth and you may want to consider another expert.

Assessing Causation

Before you can ever have a chance at recovering, you must be able to clearly establish how decisions made within the scope of the project resulted in you suffering damages. This requires a very tedious and detailed approach for a construction claims expert. For example, the expert may evaluate whether the materials used in the project were the ones called for in the contract and if they were appropriate for the project. An expert may need to testify to these issues to help substantiate the claim.

Establishing Damages

Once a construction claims expert helps demonstrate the causal link between the contractor’s decisions and service and the injury that resulted, he or she can begin to establish damages. Different damages may apply based on the specific details of the case, including actual damages, liquidated damages or delay damages. An expert can evaluate the possible options and provide a recommendation on which types of damages to pursue.