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Benefits of Alabama Construction Mediation in Multi-Party Disputes

Construction cases rarely involve a single plaintiff and a single defendant. Rather, there may be multiple plaintiffs and defendants involved in these cases. However, even though there may be numerous individuals and entities involved in construction cases, Alabama construction mediation has proven successful in such claims. With Alabama construction mediation, the parties may settle their case months earlier than if they had tried to finalize it through the court system. In large, multi-party mediation sessions, the mediator may split the parties into groups, depending on the nature of the case. Dividing the parties into groups allows the mediator to organize... Read More

The First Step in Construction Turnaround Services

Construction is a complex industry with a lot of moving parts. From the initial proposal to the investors, designers, architects, and contractors, so much happens before ground is even broken it is sometimes amazing that any construction projects get completed – or even started – at all. With all this complexity, it is not surprising that many large-scale construction projects begin to spiral out of control. As more and more vendors are added, more and more labor brought in, and more and more scope changes occur, things can overwhelm even the most experienced and skilled organization. Often, the solution is... Read More

How to Judge Construction Matters Fairly

The Impact of Poor Quality Construction Documents When problems occur, it is often difficult to judge construction matters fairly because emotions run high, costs soar and panic sets in. Assessing Construction Matters Fairly In order to ensure that any problems with a construction project are assessed in a fair-minded and even-handed manner, whether it is through mediation or arbitration or litigation, the key is the selection of an expert who can speak authoritatively on the specific phases of construction and materials involved. The right expert for the right problem can put aside superficial impressions and get to the heart of... Read More

Keeping Costs Down with Construction Mediation

Construction problems stir up strong reactions because two things are always involved: Money and money. For the Owner and their team of architects and designers, who want the best building for their money and the general contractor and its subcontractors who want to provide the best building delivered timely and within their costs. In construction mediation can put a cap on both of these often-negative reactions. Mediation soothes everyone’s frazzled nerves because it brings everyone together under the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable neutral who can sort through the various issues and guide both sides to a solution. The... Read More

Keep Construction on Track by Mediating Disputes

Construction is a marathon, not a sprint. Along the way, construction disputes can occur over a wide range of issues including Bid Issues Design and coordination issues Quality of construction Quality of fabrication or erection Delays Cost overruns Any of these disputes can slow the whole process down unless you have a procedure in place to deal with all disputes using construction mediation. Mediation Throughout While construction mediation is often seen as a way of dealing with large-scale disputes that halt work or come up at the end of a construction project, the fact is it can also be a... Read More
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