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Construction Delays Often More Complex than at First Sight

One of the major frustrations investors and property owners experience when developing a project are delays. While delays that impact the costs and schedule of a construction project are to be expected and as much as possible anticipated, when those delays erode the profitability or the deliverability of a project, it’s not uncommon for a delay/inefficiency analysis expert in Alabama to be brought in to help assess the causes and solutions of delays. As any delay/inefficiency analysis expert in Alabama will tell you, however, this is often not as clear cut as it initially appears, with several causes of delays... Read More

How to Handle a Construction Project Dispute over Plans and Scope of Work

All too often, a large construction project can go south when a dispute arises over the plans, specifications, and scope of the work. It’s critical that the scope of the project and the plans for accomplishing it are completed early, but in the event that this doesn’t happen, you may find yourself a party to an Alabama legal dispute. Construction project disputes can be complex, making it necessary to contact a large construction project management expert to help represent your side of the case. For the most part, these kinds of disputes happen between the owner and the general contractor... Read More

Does Arbitration Work in Construction Disputes?

If you find yourself a party to a construction dispute in Montgomery, Alabama, a review of your contract may reveal that arbitration is your next step if you wish to elevate the issue. Arbitration clauses are included in many construction contracts in an effort to take advantage of the alternative dispute resolution benefits associated with arbitration and to avoid the downside of pursuing traditional courtroom litigation. In arbitration, the basics of the dispute are provided to a neutral third party, which can either be a panel or an individual. The decision that is handed down by this individual or panel... Read More

Construction Mediation

The advantages of mediation in general for resolving almost any dispute are well known: It’s fast, relatively low-cost, informal and private. In any dispute where speed and cost are considerations, mediation should always be one of the first seriously considered methods of resolving disputes. For the construction industry – on all sides, including investors and contractors – mediation is even more essential. Even when there is no formal alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provision in the contracts covering a construction project, construction mediation is an essential tool in resolving issue for three very important reasons. Speed. More so than any other... Read More

Construction Consultants

Any construction project is a complex and high-stakes undertaking, from the most modest residential project in the suburbs to the most ambitious soaring tower in the middle of downtown. Whether it’s tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of dollars, someone certainly doesn’t want to see that money frittered away on mistakes, poor planning, and unforeseen consequences. This is where construction consultants earn their money: By saving yours. They have years of experience in various aspects of the construction industry, in both management and field work, and bring expertise in every possible facet to the table: Concrete work, fabrication, steel... Read More
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