How to Handle a Construction Project Dispute over Plans and Scope of Work

All too often, a large construction project can go south when a dispute arises over the plans, specifications, and scope of the work. It’s critical that the scope of the project and the plans for accomplishing it are completed early, but in the event that this doesn’t happen, you may find yourself a party to an Alabama legal dispute. Construction project disputes can be complex, making it necessary to contact a large construction project management expert to help represent your side of the case.

For the most part, these kinds of disputes happen between the owner and the general contractor or subcontractor on a construction project. This is likely to happen when these parties interpret documents differently, when the plans seem contradictory to the actual project specifications, or when the description included in the plans and specifications seems unclear.

The most common issue in these kinds of cases has to do with implied warranty. This is on the part of the owner, who holds responsibility for the plans being accurate, adequate, and achievable. Usually, though, there are exculpatory clauses where an owner may try to shift that responsibility to the other party.

If you are a party to a construction project dispute like this, it’s in your best interest to act quickly and retain a large construction project management expert in Alabama to help you in your case. The outcome of a construction management case can have a significant impact on how the project continues to unfold and on your venture as a whole, so it’s crucial that you protect your interests by getting expert insight early. If the plans, specifications, or scope of a project are causing tension between you and another party, get expert advice quickly to minimize not only the rift in your business relationship but also the potential losses that this rift may cost.