How to Judge Construction Matters Fairly

The Impact of Poor Quality Construction Documents

When problems occur, it is often difficult to judge construction matters fairly because emotions run high, costs soar and panic sets in.

Assessing Construction Matters Fairly

In order to ensure that any problems with a construction project are assessed in a fair-minded and even-handed manner, whether it is through mediation or arbitration or litigation, the key is the selection of an expert who can speak authoritatively on the specific phases of construction and materials involved. The right expert for the right problem can put aside superficial impressions and get to the heart of the matter, and can recognize the telltale signs of something like steel fabrication and delivery delays. That expert can speak to the specifics of what are the steel problem issues exactly and how they are affecting the rest of the project’s completion and is key when assigning responsibility to different parties.

Finding an equitable solution to construction matters requires knowledge and experience as well as an objective perspective. Finding an appropriate expert is the first step towards resolution.