Keep Construction on Track by Mediating Disputes

Construction is a marathon, not a sprint.

Along the way, construction disputes can occur over a wide range of issues including

  • Bid Issues
  • Design and coordination issues
  • Quality of construction
  • Quality of fabrication or erection
  • Delays
  • Cost overruns

Any of these disputes can slow the whole process down unless you have a procedure in place to deal with all disputes using construction mediation.

Mediation Throughout

While construction mediation is often seen as a way of dealing with large-scale disputes that halt work or come up at the end of a construction project, the fact is it can also be a very effective way of keeping a project moving forward. As disputes come up, instead of halting work while negotiations occur, bringing in an expert to oversee on-the-spot construction mediation can result in fast decisions backed by expert opinion that keep work moving forward and on-schedule.

Additionally, a formal mediation process involving a qualified expert acting as neutral also keeps relationships from souring and turning negative, as all parties will be more likely to accept decisions even if they go against their own desires. Using mediation keeps the whole project on schedule.