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Crisis Management with Interim Short Term Management

Projects of all kinds, whether internal or involving various partners and investors, can be subject to sprawl. To accommodate unexpected problems or complexities, more and more people and teams and vendors and subcontractors are brought in to provide man-hours. Very quickly, a huge army of disparate people and corporate cultures are rubbing up against each other, and without a strong executive management structure things can quickly devolve into chaos. Interim Short Term Management The solution can often be a short-term team of interim managers. High-level managers with direct experience in your field or industry are brought in specifically to bring... Read More

Why You need a Business Coach in Birmingham AL

The world of business is always challenging, competitive, and unforgiving. Many small- and medium-sized businesses have discovered to their shock and dismay that even minor mistakes and missteps can lead to mortal wounds in their business, from the loss of revenue and clients to damage to their reputation. There are two reasons for most business mistakes in the modern day: One, a lack of specific experience, and two, a lack of objectivity or access to a ‘devil’s advocate’ for your decision making. Luckily there is a one-stop solution for both of these limitations: A business coach in Birmingham AL. What... Read More

The First Step in Construction Turnaround Services

Construction is a complex industry with a lot of moving parts. From the initial proposal to the investors, designers, architects, and contractors, so much happens before ground is even broken it is sometimes amazing that any construction projects get completed – or even started – at all. With all this complexity, it is not surprising that many large-scale construction projects begin to spiral out of control. As more and more vendors are added, more and more labor brought in, and more and more scope changes occur, things can overwhelm even the most experienced and skilled organization. Often, the solution is... Read More
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