How Do You Choose the Right Alabama Construction Arbitrator?

Arbitration is a type of alternative dispute resolution that takes place outside of court. Arbitration provides many of the benefits of a non-jury trial, but without the delay and expense. Instead of waiting for a trial date for many months, the parties in a construction case may schedule arbitration as soon as they are ready to finalize the case. During construction arbitration, an Alabama construction arbitrator has decision-making authority in the case. After hearing testimony and reviewing evidence, the arbitrator hands down a binding decision that the parties must follow. Only in a limited number of circumstances may this decision be appealed, so it is important to carefully consider which Alabama construction arbitrator is right for your case.

Arbitration is unique and that a law degree is not required for an individual to serve as an arbitrator. In fact, in many construction cases, the parties prefer an individual with extensive knowledge in construction issues instead so that the facts of the case will be better understood. A great number of construction cases focus on structural issues and facts instead of legal issues. Therefore, selecting an arbitrator with experience in construction matters would be an astute decision.

It is also important that the arbitrator has adequate time in his or her schedule to take on your construction case. Many arbitrations require a number of meetings prior to the actual arbitration hearing. If the arbitrator has a full schedule, these meetings may be delayed for some time, delaying progress in your case.