Do You Need a Structural Steel Expert?

In any dispute, whether a court case has been filed or not, the decision to hire an expert witness is a tricky one at times. In most cases, experts are used to break down the complex facts of a dispute for a judge and a jury during a trial. They may also be consulted prior to filing a lawsuit to determine whether the lawsuit is meritorious. Structural steel experts help case parties and their attorneys analyze issues involving the use of steel in various types of building structures. Without a structural steel expert in certain cases, a judge and jury may have trouble connecting the pieces of a claim.

Structural steel experts are often needed in cases that focus on complex issues involving architecture, physics, engineering, and other principles. Most often, these issues emerge in construction litigation cases, although they may also arise in workers’ compensation, personal injury, and premises liability disputes.

These complex issues are not common knowledge to the general public. Although courtroom judges are no doubt skilled in their interpretation of case law and statutes, most do not have experience in issues involving steel. For twelve jury members randomly selected from the community, this fact also rings true.

Your expert will not only be able to help you strengthen your own claims, but will help you point out weaknesses in the opposing party’s claims. Structural steel experts are not only knowledgeable in issues involving steel, but also in anticipating the arguments that may be made in a case. These experts will help you prepare the strongest case possible for hearings or trial.

Ultimately, if your claim or case involves any issues that focus on steel, you should hire a structural steel expert. The costs involved will be outweighed by the benefit the expert brings to your case.