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Selecting a Business Coach in Birmingham Alabama

The successful operation of a business requires more than an owner with a great idea. Profitable businesses have hardworking employees, good relationships with the local community, and a plan for the future. Many successful companies also seek the assistance of a business coach in Birmingham Alabama to skyrocket their success. Business coaches in Birmingham Alabama meet with business owners and employees to help them make changes so that they increase their profits. There are dozens of individuals that call themselves “coaches,” but many do not have the qualifications and experience that your business needs. You must carefully vet business coaches... Read More

What Crises Can Interim Short Term Management Services Help With?

Interim short term management services are available for the times business owners dread most: when a crisis has struck the business and it is at risk of collapsing. Most interim short term management services are available to help companies through a variety of crises. Interim managers will step in and take over the company while it recovers from these negative events. When searching for interim short term management services, make sure that your company’s specific needs will be addressed. A major problem that many companies are facing today is the cyber-attack. During a cyber-attack, hackers breach your servers and compromise... Read More

How Do You Choose the Right Alabama Construction Arbitrator?

Arbitration is a type of alternative dispute resolution that takes place outside of court. Arbitration provides many of the benefits of a non-jury trial, but without the delay and expense. Instead of waiting for a trial date for many months, the parties in a construction case may schedule arbitration as soon as they are ready to finalize the case. During construction arbitration, an Alabama construction arbitrator has decision-making authority in the case. After hearing testimony and reviewing evidence, the arbitrator hands down a binding decision that the parties must follow. Only in a limited number of circumstances may this decision... Read More
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