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Taking the Next Step: Hiring a Business Coach in Birmingham AL

As a business owner or executive, you have helped your business grow and have focused on its success. However, there comes a time when you may be ready to go to the next level. A business coach in Birmingham Alabama provides specific benefits not available with other types of relationships. A business coach in Birmingham Alabama focuses on the needs of you and your business. When you meet with a business coach, you truly take time to concentrate on your business and its development. This can be difficult to do on a normal basis when you are trying to deal... Read More

Interim Short Term Management Services Lead to Long-Term Success

Interim short term management services are sometimes necessary when a valued manager or leader of a company severs ties to the business. Rather than promoting someone from within the company who may not yet have the credentials necessary to be placed in a position of leadership, interim short term management services help provide this role to the company until a suitable replacement can be found. Having ongoing leadership in a company is pivotal to the survival and success of the business. Without such a leader, the business can erode confidence in customers and its brand can be affected by a... Read More

Why You Will Work with an Alabama Construction Arbitrator

More than any other industry, the construction industry embraces arbitration. Many construction contracts require the use of an Alabama construction arbitrator if a dispute arises. Additionally, many individuals prefer arbitration over litigation for the many benefits that it provides. For these reasons, the question is not if you will need to use an Alabama construction arbitrator but rather when you will. Historically, arbitration has been utilized because it represented a much less expensive process than traditional litigation. Complex construction disputes can cost millions to litigation while you can usually participate in the arbitration process for a fraction of the cost.... Read More
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