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Key to Construction Claims Preparation in Alabama: Clear Cause and Effect

Construction projects are complicated. They involve large amounts of money, huge amounts of raw materials and resources, and many moving parts in the form of construction crews, management teams, inspectors, and stakeholders. That’s why most construction projects are very closely monitored and scrutinized. It also means that when a claim is contemplated in the construction field, the key to success is preparation. Claims preparation involves more than simple data acquisition and expert witness consultation, however; the true to key successful construction claims preparation in Alabama is demonstrating a clear and obvious cause and effect between construction decisions andthe damages suffered.... Read More

Construction Claims Management

Construction is one of the most complicated projects that can be undertaken, and is unique in the fact that almost all construction projects become more complex as time goes on, not less as might be imagined as a structure takes shape and the “punch list” of tasks needing attention gets shorter and shorter. But as construction proceeds, it almost invariably encounters unexpected variables which in turn cause change orders – and these changes have a “domino effect” on other aspects of the project, increasing the complexity steadily. Claims against construction projects thus rise exponentially as the project proceeds, and effective... Read More
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