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Un-complicating Things Using Mediation to Settle Construction Matters Fairly

Sometimes it seems as if the business of business is making all aspects of life as complicated as possible. When it comes to something like construction projects which are already incredibly complex to begin with, disputes can often make them intolerably complicated and seemingly impossible to simplify. This is in part due to the number of parties typically involved in construction disputes, and the pressure to ensure that an effort is made to settle construction matters fairly. By putting such focus on scrutinizing every aspect of the process for fairness, the complexity starts to pile up, bogging everything down and... Read More

Make Matters Easy with Large Construction Project Management

If the endless list of construction disputes on record proves anything, it proves that not all construction projects are created equal. Smaller projects by nature have smaller-scale and more manageable conflicts and disputes. A smaller number of contractors and other actors translates to a smaller number of possible problems and disputes, and the disputes that do occur can typically be traced easily to their source and resolved, often on-site. Larger Scale In large construction projects, however, the number of moving parts rising exponentially. Sub-contractors hire sub-contractors themselves, and materials often arrive from several different suppliers to manage the volume needed.... Read More
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