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What Does a Construction Claims Expert Do?

Disputes in the construction industry are notoriously complex. Without the assistance of a construction claims expert, parties to a construction dispute are at a great disadvantage in any pre-litigation settlement negotiations or subsequent lawsuit. Consequently, it is advisable to retain the services of an experienced construction claims expert as soon as possible after a construction dispute arises in order to get an accurate claims analysis and properly prepared claim document to assist you in achieving a positive outcome. A construction claims expert has the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to perform a sound construction project analysis in order to determine... Read More

How a Construction Claims Consultant Can Help

Construction defect litigation is on the rise. If you are involved in a construction defect dispute, you will most likely need the assistance of the best legal, accounting, engineering, experts you can find. A construction claims consultant can be invaluable in helping you achieve the best possible results related to your claim. A construction claims consultant can conduct a thorough investigation of the structure at issue to give you an honest and accurate assessment of the cause of any construction defects and assess the damages as well. A construction defect can be the result of faulty design, materials, and/or workmanship.... Read More

What to Look For in a Construction Claims Expert

If your construction company is involved in a construction defect dispute related to structural steel, your business is on the line. Under such serious circumstances, you should definitely seek the assistance of an experienced structural steel construction claims expert. Serious construction disputes require professional advice as soon as possible in the claims process so that you have the information you need to devise the best plan in order to get the best result. Input and support from a competent construction claims expert will increase the likelihood of your claim being settled more quickly and equitably. Construction disputes often involve multiple... Read More

How a Construction Claims Consultant Helps Explain Your Case

A construction claims consultant provides much needed assistance when dealing with complex and technical issues. This type of consultant is knowledgeable about various practices and procedures in the construction industry and can advise you as to the merit and potential damages related to a civil claim. Your construction claims consultant provides a unique perspective who can serve as an invaluable member of your litigation team. Construction claims may involve a number of highly technical and specialized issues central to the construction industry. These issues include the impact of delays, lost business opportunities, time impacts, liquidated damages and the interpretation of... Read More

How Construction Claims Experts Help Avoid Claims

A construction claims expert actively works to look out for the financial interests of the company that hires him or her. One of the most effective ways that a construction claims expert can accomplish this goal is by attempting to prevent claims from arising in the first place. A proactive approach begins during the preconstruction phase. This allows a claims expert to have input into the actual construction contract that will clarify the legal rights and responsibilities of all of the parties involved. The expert can use his or her specific knowledge of the construction industry and experience in project... Read More
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